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Residential Support


UMBC offers resident students access to local and premium channels through its cable television network. There is one CATV jack in each residence hall room and apartment common room. In Chesapeake, Susquehanna, Patapsco and Potomac, the jack is located on the underside of the communications box.

Use a RG-6 coaxial cable to connect from the room jack to the television (or other type of receiver). Coaxial cabling may be purchased from the Campus Bookstore. The shortest path should be taken to minimize overall cable length; however you should not install cabling in an area that receives a lot of foot traffic. Do not staple or kink cabling, as this may damage the cable and reduce signal quality.

UMBC provides several local HD channels. To receive these channels, you will need a digital television or converter box.

Additionally, you can see the channel lineup here: Cable Television Channel Lineup.


UMBC provides a 10/100 Mbps network connection to every student living on campus. Access may be easily obtained by plugging in an Ethernet cable from your computer to one of the jacks provided in each residential room. Each wall jack has been configured to have one IP address. If you need to connect more than one device, a router may be required.

Use a Category 5e Ethernet cable or better to connect to the network. Ethernet cables may be purchased from the Campus Bookstore. You may not use a modem or any other analog device to connect to the phone jack. Doing so may damage your equipment.

Log on to the residential network by opening your web browser and connecting to http://resnet.umbc.edu. After reading and agreeing to the terms of use and acceptable use policies, sign in using your myUMBC username and password. A successful login grants access to all network locations and services. You must log in to the network prior to use, and each time your Ethernet cable is disconnected or your link is lost.