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Hybrid Course Design Workshop

Facilitated by the FDC and DoIT

Thursday, June 5, 2014
10:00 AM - 3:30 PM
Engineering : 023

Are you rethinking a course you’ll be teaching this next year? Or are you planning a new course soon? Or are you interested in finding more efficient ways to think about student assignments? Then join this discussion on ways to think about course design to be more efficient and effective in accomplishing the goals for your courses. During the session participants will 1) set expectations for student learning, 2) plan assignments and class activities that help students achieve the goals for their learning, and 3) design assessments (exams, projects, papers) that measure students’ achievement of course goals. Participants should bring a course syllabus or ideas for new courses to the session. 

Lunch will be provided to registered participants, who will hear from a panel of experienced hybrid faculty about their experiences with their courses.

The afternoon session allows participants to apply the principles of good course design from the morning session to planning a hybrid course (part-online, part face-to-face). In this part of the workshop faculty will: 1) map out their course activities as in-class and on-line activities through the semester and 2) gain experience with some of the technology tools that are effective in on-line teaching.

Please sign up by May 29, 2014. This session is limited to 14 participants. 

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