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Getting access to a Computer during Fall 2020

If you need access to computing resources during the Fall 2020 semester here are some methods and options. We understand that this is by no means an exhaustive list:

  1. DoIT has a limited number of laptops, mostly Chromebooks, we can lend out to the students. Please submit a ticket and let us know what your situation is. Please include a phone number we can use to reach you.
  2. All of our specialized software is available on our Virtual Desktop Environment. This environment uses our computing resources to run the software you need, so that you can utilize it from any type of device, including smartphones, tablets, Chromebooks and more. Please check out the UMBC Virtual Desktop FAQ for instructions on how to connect. The virtual desktop allows your mobile phone, tablet, or Chromebook to run the software you would use on a laptop.
  3. In addition, the UMBC Stay Black and Gold Fund  will consider technology purchases necessary to access the university resources you need. Since this fund is limited, we recommend considering the purchase of a Chromebook as a low cost alternative to buying a laptop, especially when combined with our Virtual Desktop Environment. Several online retailers routinely run specials on these, including on refurbished models. As examples, check out