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Apple Institutional Purchases at UMBC

The Apple Online Store for Education Institutions makes it even easier to do business with Apple. The steps below will help you register for access to the Apple Online Store for Education.

For personal purchases not paid for by UMBC, please visit Apple at UMBC to learn more.


Purchases under $5,000 can be made using a P-Card through Apple’s online store directly.

Purchases over $5,000 will require a requisition.

To generate a proposal for a P-Card purchase or a requisition, follow the instructions below.

Registering a New or Existing Institutional Apple ID

  1. Log onto the registration site at
  2. If you have an existing Apple ID, please “Sign In.
  3. If you don’t have an Institution Apple ID, select “Sign Up” to create one
    1. Complete the identification fields; enter the security text presented; click “Next”
    2. A validation key is sent to your email; copy and paste the key from your email into the validation field; click “Continue”
    3. Select “Continue” on the Primary Location Selection page
  4. Enter Account Number (27999), select country United States
  5. Select the correct school location and click “Next”
  6. Select email type and communication preferences
  7. Agree to Terms of Service
  8. If you have not recently updated your Apple ID, you may be prompted for security questions; enter your date of birth and optional rescue email address, click “Next”
  9. Choose your “Role” for Apple Online Store access as “Proposer”.
    Do NOT select the “Authorized Purchaser” role as your registration will be denied.

     (If you selected Purchaser as your role during registration, submit a ticket at as we will need to contact Apple to manually reset your role back to Proposer.)

  10. Enter your manager or supervisor’s name, email address, phone number; click “Next”
  11. Review and confirm your information, click “Submit” to complete the registration process
  12. You will receive an in-process notification email, followed by a welcome letter.

Once you have received your welcome letter, you are ready to create proposals in order to make a purchase.

 Creating a Proposal

  1. Visit, select your country, and log into the Apple Store for Education using the Apple ID .
  2. Add items to your Cart. Enter the quantity required and click the “Add to Cart” button at the bottom of the page. You can also add an item to the Cart from the product details page by clicking the “Add to Cart” button.
  3. If you don’t have a P-Card or the purchase is over $5K, click “Send Proposal” to send your proposer to the person who will be making the purchase and proceed to step 4. Otherwise, click the green Checkout button to complete your order.
  4. Complete the Proposer information. Ensure that the Proposer’s name and phone number are correct, then enter the Purchaser’s email address—this is who will receive the proposal. You can add multiple email addresses separated by a comma. Add any comments you wish the Purchaser to see.
  5. Click the “Submit” button. The store will generate a unique Proposal ID, which you and others may use to search for the proposal or as a reference for your records.

Viewing a Proposal

To see your proposals, click “Home,” then click “Proposals.” From the Proposals page, proposers may:

    • Search by Proposal Number, Creation Date, Proposer Name, or Proposal Status
    • Delete proposals(only those created by you)
    • View details of existing proposals
    • Edit proposals(only those created by you)

When ready to purchase, proposals can be converted to an order by first selecting a proposal and then clicking “Convert to Order”.


If you encounter any registration issues, please send an email to, or call our dedicated support team at 1-800-800-2775, option 4 then 1, for assistance.

For questions about store functionality, including how to create proposals, templates, and orders please see Apple’s documentation for Navigating the Store.

If you have questions or concerns about your order, please contact Apple’s Sales Support by phone at (800) 800-2775 (Option 5) or by email at