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Wireless & Infrastructure Support


UMBC’s wireless network allows you to connect your own computer, or other similar devices equipped with a suitable wireless network card, to the Internet while on campus.

There are three official wireless networks supported at UMBC:

  • eduroamEduroam is an encrypted secure wireless SSID that provides access to general campus network services. Once you login to eduroam your user credentials can be stored and your laptop or mobile device will automatically connect on subsequent visits. It can also be used at other particpating educational institutions in this area and throughout the world to allow access to other University’s wireless networks for visiting UMBC affiliates. Details on configuring your laptop or mobile devices for eduroam can be found at here. Please note that your eduroam username is your UMBC email address, e.g, you must include the for authentication to work correctly.
  • UMBCCampus—This network requires a myUMBC account to login and will provide access to general campus network services.
    Once connected to ‘UMBCCampus’ you will need to open a web browser and you will immediately be redirected to the wireless login page. Once you login, you will be granted basic network and Internet access rights.

    Note: Your web browser must have Java Script enabled to login. UMBCCampus will go away in December 2016 and will be replaced by eduroam.
  • UMBCVisitor — This network does not require a myUMBC account and can be used for basic web and e-mail access. The UMBCVisitor network will block P2P network traffic and may not work with all network applications. This network also requires the use of the UMBC VPN service to access many on-campus services (such as Active Directory).

Mobile WiFi Devices

Devices like Apple’s iPhone and ipad, Android devices and Windows mobile devices can easily access web services by connecting to the eduroam network. Once authenticated a user’s credentials will be stored on the device and it should automatically connect in the future.

Wireless Locations on Campus

Wireless coverage is provided to indoor public spaces throughout the academic campus as well as all residence halls and newly renovated buildings in the Hillside and Terrace apartment complexes.

Policies regarding the acceptable use of wireless and restrictions regarding using personal wireless routers or access points can be found at the DoIT FAQs Pages.