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DocuSign, the leading Electronic Signature solution on the market today, is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution (also know as a Cloud Service) used by members of the UMBC community to quickly initiate a workflow requiring others, on and off campus, to participate in a signing process.

DocuSign was purchased in 2016 as a workflow tool with electronic signature capabilities. The goal is to replace paper processing with electronic workflows as much as possible. In addition, UMBC is leveraging BOX, ImageNow, REX, RT, and PeopleSoft for enterprise solutions to enhance the overall value of the DocuSign solution.

The product provides for ad hoc and enterprise creation of documents.

  • Ad hoc documents are created manually and are used to accommodate non-standard documents such as rental agreements that are customized to each customer. Examples of organizations using this method include Columbus Center, The Commons, and Residential Life Walker Avenue management.
  • Enterprise documents are created via Self-Service links available on UMBC web pages or provided by myUMBC Alerts or UMBC automated email notifications. Below is a more complete list of the features available for deployment.

Many UMBC forms have been made electronically available (PDF, Word, Excel, etc.) over the last 10 years to initiate a request but printing is required for the actual processing. This continues to promote a very paper-based process.

DocuSign will automate the current paper processing from inception to completion providing much better services and efficiencies. DoIT, UMBC student interns, and the campus community have partnered to transition many of the paper processes to DocuSign workflows. Here are a few of the success stories highlighting this partnership and the use of DocuSign at UMBC.

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