Instructional Technology

DoIT’s Instructional Technology team offers support to faculty interested in enhancing their course delivery through the use of technology. A few guiding principles inform our approach:

  1. Technology should help solve a pedagogical problem or create a new learning opportunity.
  2. Solutions and approaches should encourage students to take responsibility for learning.
  3. We try to help identify, support, evaluate and promote effective practices and practitioners.
  4. We try to connect peers and colleagues who will likely learn best from each other.
  5. Technology is a tool to serve teaching and learning, not vice-versa.
  6. There is an inherent conflict in the pace of change between teaching and technology.
  7. Reflection on changing (or keeping) current practice may be technology’s biggest benefit.

The following has influenced our own development as instructional technology support professionals:

Trinkle, Dennis A. (2005). “The 361°Model for Transforming Teaching and Learning with Technology” Educause Quarterly.

John Fritz
Asst. VP, Instructional Technology
UMBC Division of Information Technology
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