High Performance Computing & Advanced Networking

The UMBC High Performance Computing Facility (HPCF) is a community-based, interdisciplinary core facility for scientific computing and research on parallel algorithms. Started in 2008 by more than 20 researchers from more than ten departments and research centers from all three colleges, it is supported by faculty contributions, federal grants, and the UMBC administration. The facility is open to UMBC researchers at no charge. Researchers can purchase nodes for long-term priority access. System administration is provided by the UMBC Division of Information Technology.

The maya cluster is a heterogeneous cluster with equipment acquired between 2009 and 2013. It contains a total of 324 nodes, 38 GPUs and 38 Intel Phi coprocessors, and over 8 TB of main memory. The system provides access to over 700 terabytes of storage to enable data-intensive computing.

For a complete description, including pictures, please view the system description.  The HPCF has supported dozens of PI’s and over 85 research projects.

UMBC maintains an advanced network in support of research with a 10 gigabit connection to the MAX gigapop for research. In September 2014, UMBC received a National Science Foundation CC*IIE award and is in the process of upgrading our network to 100 gigabits and implementing a science DMZ.