About DoIT

The Division of Information Technology has approximately 80 full time staff members and over 100 UMBC students that work each day to support the mission of UMBC through the delivery of IT services to the campus.

Our mission is to enable the UMBC community to  implement the educational, research and administrative goals through the development and delivery of  information and instructional technology services to the UMBC community.

We do this by providing an advanced and integrated set of information and instructional technology services to faculty, staff, and students that make major contributions to the educational, research and administrative activities of UMBC. In doing, this we focus on making our services:

  • Easy to use;
  • Reliable;
  • Innovative;
  • Robust;
  • Cost-effective; and
  • Secure.

In working with the UMBC community, we follow our core values when developing technology services:

  • We look to form partnerships within, and outside, the campus to find the very best ideas;
  • We listen to, and collaborate with, our customers, who are the students, faculty and staff, to meet our collective goals;
  • Our services are robust and reliable and we provide the highest quality support possible;
  • We value technical innovation and creativity in developing cost-effective solutions to meeting campus goals;
  • We value and respect each other, working as a team to leverage our individual strengths to deliver the best products and services possible;
  • We strongly encourage personal and professional development;  and
  • We actively participate in the UMBC, University System of Maryland, and higher educational communities.