How to Get Help

  • Use Request Tracker (RT) at to help DoIT support staff triage and manage campus-wide IT support. Why? Unlike a personal email or voicemail, RT tickets are viewed centrally by teams of DoIT support staff. If someone is unavailable others can step in to resolve your ticket. Finally, having a central repository for all tech support requests helps DoIT quickly spot user support trends that may be signs of larger IT infrastructure issues.
  • If you aren’t sure which RT topic or “queue” to use at, select the Computer and Technology “more” link. This will go to the TSC, which will attempt to solve the issue or route you to the right group who can.
  • If possible, add screenshots or screencast movies in your RT tickets to “show AND tell” us about your IT problems. This can speed up the process for IT support staff trying to diagnose a problem. Apart from taking a screenshot on your phone, here’s how to do so on any Mac OS or Windows-based computer. DoIT also supports Panopto for making screenshots or screencasts.
  • Call the Technology Support Center (TSC) at 410.455.3838 during our hours of operation. If you want to talk to someone directly, TSC staff are happy to do so, and can even use remote screen-sharing tools to see or even control what’s on your screen, if necessary. Again, if they can’t help, TSC staff will route your ticket to the right group who can.