Quality Matters

Quality Matters LogoThe Quality Matters Higher Education Rubric (6th edition) is a set of 8 General Standards and 42 Specific Review Standards used to evaluate the design of online and blended courses. The Rubric is complete with annotations that explain the application of the Standards and the relationship among them. Faculty may download the Rubric from UMBC Box (login required).

The 8 General Standards are:

  1. Course Overview and Introduction
  2. Learning Objectives (Competencies)
  3. Assessment and Measurement
  4. Instructional Materials
  5. Learning Activities and Learner Interaction
  6. Course Technology
  7. Learner Support
  8. Accessibility and Usability

Quality Matters Impact

As an extension of the award-winning PIVOT program, the Quality Matters Impact program is an initiative to formally recognize courses that meet Quality Matters standards and demonstrate exemplary online/hybrid course design.

Learn more about the Quality Matters Impact program.

Self Review

UMBC faculty have access to the Self Review Tool in the Quality Matters Course Review Management System (CRMS) to conduct a review of his/her own online or blended course. The Self Review Tool provides a list of each standard with links to the detailed annotations that describe what the standard means. A field is provided for you to take notes. You can start and stop at any time in the Self Review process. The Self Review is a reflective process to allow faculty to determine if they have met or not met a particular Quality Matters standard.

Learn how to access the Self Review Tool.