Networking and Communications

The UMBC network and telecommunications groups provide secure, reliable, and cost effective services in support of the University’s mission of research, teaching and outreach. The groups are part of the Enterprise Infrastructure department, lead by Damian Doyle, Senior Director.

The UMBC network has 24,350 network ports and is supported by over 1800 wireless access points. The network is designed as an ellipse, with the two foci serving as redundant cores. Each academic building is connected to each network core through dual 20 gigabit connections. Within the building we have gigabit (1Gb or 10Gb) links to each floor. On a floor, we use a mix of 100 megabit or 1 gigabit network connections, depending on data usage. Leaving the university we have two ten gigabit links, one supporting our regular traffic and one supporting our research traffic. The network group works closely with our HPC unit.

Telecommunications provides telephone, alarm, and video surveillance services to UMBC. Telecommunications supports over 8300 telephone ports on the main campus and research park. The unit also works closely with the police and public safety to support physical security (alarms, electronic door locks, etc.) and video security services.

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