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COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
UMBC campuses are closed, but courses are now online and employees are working remotely.

Contact Us

The most efficient way to contact the Instructional Technology team for questions, support, or to request a phone or in-person consultation is to submit an RT ticket. Submitting a ticket ensures that your question will be answered as quickly as possible by the appropriate staff member and allows the Instructional Technology Team to see and solve common issues and questions.

Instructional Technology Team

Bottom (left to right): Susan Biro, Laura Wyatt, Tom Penniston, Collin Sullivan. Top (left to right): Jalisa Monroe, Sherri Braxton, Mariann Hawken

Dr. Sherri Braxton
Senior Director, Instructional Technology
410.455.2121 |

Dr. John Fritz
Assoc. VP Instructional Technology
410.455.6596 |

Dr. Mariann Hawken
eLearning Manager
410.455.2920 |

Jalisa Monroe
Specialist, Instructional Technology
410.455.6786 |

Dr. Thomas Penniston
Analytics Specialist, Instructional Technology
410.455.3493 |

Collin Sullivan
LMS Support Specialist
410.455.6263 |

Dr. Susan Biro
Online Learning Coordinator
410.455.8645 |

Laura Wyatt
Instructional Design Specialist
410.455.3890 |

Dr. Peter Ariev
Instructional Design Specialist
410.455.1841 |