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Student Technology Resources

Free public WiFi in libraries

All the public libraries around the state have WiFi for guests.

Utilizing UMBC wireless safely:

UMBC has made part of the Admin parking lot wifi-enabled; you can drive up and connect to the UMBC wireless networks from either the upper or lower parking deck, on the side closest to the admin circle.

Using eduroam wireless throughout the state:

UMBC is part of the eduroam wireless network which allows you to access wireless for free at various museums, universities and other venues. The same wifi network that we have at UMBC, if you have connected eduroam at UMBC, you can find the full list of locations at the US eduroam site.  UMBC has instructions for connecting to eduroam available for all types of devices through the UMBC Eduroam FAQ

Enabling mobile hotspots and other resources for connectivity from providers:

Most carriers have a program where for a small fee you may enable your phone to function as a wifi connection for your laptop that you can use.  Please follow these instructions for either Apple iOS or Android.

Testing Your Internet Speed

To get the best possible performance, you’ll want to make sure your internet speeds are sufficient for online learning. Test your internet speed by going to