DoIT Jobs

The Division of Information Technology (DoIT) has approximately 85 full-time staff members and 80 undergraduate or graduate students who work each day to support the mission of UMBC through the delivery of IT services to the campus.

Professional Staff Positions

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Professionals who work for DoIT have opportunities to meet new people, stay involved, and gain valuable work experience. Many DoIT employees are actively involved in UMBC shared governance groups and volunteer with campus events like Commencement. Outside of campus life, DoIT maintains an active presence in higher education communities, such as Educause and Internet2, and provides professional development opportunities for interested employees.

Student Positions (Undergraduate and Graduate)

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All student positions are posted on Handshake. DoIT employs undergraduate and graduate students in a variety of different roles depending on the department. IT-related majors are NOT required, and experience is not required, though it is preferred for some roles. We encourage all majors to apply for positions! Most positions in DoIT require a minimum commitment of 10 hours per week during the fall and spring semesters, and many have the opportunity to work additional hours in the winter and summer sessions.

Some descriptions of student roles are listed below. Positions are hiring only if they are listed on Handshake.


Technology Support Center (TSC): Student consultants are the first points of technical contact for the UMBC community. Consultants provide initial triage and support both online and over the phone for a wide range of information technologies including accounts, hardware, instructional technologies, networking, software, telecommunications, and basic web development.

A/V Support & Operations: Students in this group are responsible for helping faculty and staff with A/V equipment within classrooms and conference rooms across campus. They also handle laptop checkout and help troubleshoot problems over the phone and across campus. During slow periods, it is possible to work on homework or other assignments.

A/V Installation: Student employees work with full time staff and senior students to install, repair, and design A/V systems across the campus for various uses, including classroom instruction, lab environments, conference rooms, video conferencing, and digital signage. These positions are very hands-on and will utilize power tools frequently. Students run cabling through conduits and ceilings, mount displays, hang projectors, and build A/V racks.

Desktop Support: This group is responsible for all of the faculty, staff, lab, and public machines across the campus. Students in this group work closely with faculty and staff, troubleshooting technical issues, helping to re-image devices, and distributing new computers across UMBC. They also work with full-time staff on high level projects.

High Performance Computing: Experience is preferred for these positions, specifically some experience working with parallel computing. These positions work to assist faculty in the use of the High Performance Computing Super Computer that DoIT maintains for the campus.

Networking: This group maintains the wired and wireless network for the campus. This includes surveying and installing wireless access points, troubleshooting both wired and wireless connections, helping to manage the data center network, power, and configuring, and installing and maintaining network equipment across the campus.


Telecommunications: This group maintains the cabling plant and physical security systems of the campus. These systems include card access, video surveillance, and phone system for UMBC. This group often works to run cabling through conduits and pathways within buildings, ensuring that there is connectivity wherever it is needed.

Unix Systems: Students within this group assist with the operations and maintenance of the unix systems that run many campus central services. These positions also work very closely within our google apps for education environment, assisting faculty and staff with configuration, and troubleshooting of applications like google groups.

Windows Systems: This group maintains the central windows systems and the central VMware virtual environment for the campus. This includes assisting with the configuration of printers and the automation of systems through the use of group policy and other scripting.

Business Intelligence: Experience is preferred for these positions. The Student Business Intelligence Report Developer will design, develop, implement, and support effective and scalable Business Intelligence solutions including Reports, Data Visualizations, Dashboards, Data Marts, and Data Integration solutions using a variety of tools.

Electronic Forms (DocuSign): Student Business Analysts on the DocuSign team work with the campus community to convert paper forms to electronic forms, and develop new electronic forms, using DocuSign.  Team members will meet with members of the campus community to collect requirements, develop specifications and prototypes, and produce the final forms.

IT Security and Compliance: This group is responsible for supporting the security, audit, and compliance needs for the campus and other DoIT administrative areas. Students work with full-time staff to investigate incidents, create reports, and respond to security concerns.