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FY14 IT User Support: Q1 Review (July, Aug, Sept)

Summary & Drill-Down Reports Show RT, FAQ and Phone Trends

October 31, 2013 1:13 PM
To help provide more timely review of key IT user support metrics throughout the year and not just at the end, DoIT has summarized the following first quarter data for FY14:

  • RT (Request Tracker) tickets, created and resolved.
  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), search terms and referrals.
  • Phone calls to the TSC (Technology Support Center).
A summary presentation includes the following highlights & observations: 
  • Year-to-date comparisons with FY13 show a decrease in overall ticket volume.
  • Overall FAQ usage has more than doubled over the same period, but users are spending less time and visiting fewer pages per session.
  • Phone calls declined in July and August, increased slightly in September
A companion drill-to-detail Excel report is available on UMBC's service.

Note: A recent Educause presentation by the Campus Computing Survey shows that effective integration of teaching, learning and technology as well as general IT user support are among the highest priorities of Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and other higher ed IT leaders.

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