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RT ticket system downtime notice for 12-14-2013

December 10, 2013 2:24 PM
Request Tracker (RT) has been in place almost 5 years now running on the same hardware.

Over the next 6 months DoIT will be upgrading the hardware and application staring with Phase 1 for the database server hardware. This will require downtime this coming Saturday, December 14, 2013 from 6am to 2pm.

Phase 2 is currently scheduled for March 2014 to upgrade the web and application hardware.

Phase 3 is currently scheduled for June 2014 to upgrade the actual RT software application.

If an issue arises during the downtime please call the Technology Support Center (TSC) at 410-455-3838. The Saturday hours are from noon until 6pm however you can leave a voice mail and someone will get back to you during the normal Saturday operating hours.

Joe Kirby ,  Assistant Vice President, Business Systems
Division of Information Technology (DoIT)
Support Response -
Administration 627
Office - 410-455-3020
Email -

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