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Request AV Services

  • AV Services has a limited supply of mobile AV technology carts, which we are trying to reserve for one-time or occasional use. If you know you will need AV technology for all or most of your class meetings of a Spring 2012 course, please ask your department scheduling coordinator to request a “smart room” on your behalf from the registrar’s office during development of the Spring 2012 schedule (the deadline is October 3).
  • Classroom instruction has priority
  • Equipment must be requested by the UMBC end user. Do not request equipment on another’s behalf.
  • Submissions must be made at least 48 business hours in advance.
  • All loans are restricted to same day use during fall and spring semesters
  • Portable equipment must be picked up by the requestor (UMBC faculty or staff), unless accompanied by a signed note on departmental letterhead
  • To request a Videoconference Room at UMBC or at the Columbus Center please use the IVN Request Form.