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DoIT is pleased that in both our annual survey to the campus and the individual responses we get as feedback on tickets from customers on the quality of our services and support the response affirms we are doing a good job overall. As we often say at UMBC, “Success is never final,” and DoIT is constantly monitoring how we are doing and looking for ways to improve our technology to lessen the need for support. Much of our work is based on your feedback and we strongly encourage you to give us feedback in our annual survey or on customer response if you submit a work request.

Annually, DoIT gets approximately 25,000 requests for support. These range from helping someone reset their password to implementing a major new application or service for the campus. One major project this year is the launch of our “FAQ” project. This project is focusing on building high-quality answers to frequently asked questions. Many of these answers employ video screencasts to walk you through the steps you need to resolve your problem. Please take a minute and visit this page, labeled Find Help, or directly at

Our primary physical presence for support is located in to two areas. For general IT support, we encourage people to visit us in the first floor of the Library, across from the Reference Desk. We have full-time staff there during the business day supported by students to provide support. Recognizing that many support requests are simple, you can reach them via phone at 410-455-3838. Alternately, you can submit a ticket at

Outside of Information Technology issues, the support tools and model used in DoIT have been adopted by the Registrar, Bursar, ResLife, and others to provide the campus with an integrated set of tools for users to request support. For campus departments interested in leveraging our FAQ collections or work request system we encourage you to contact DoIT to find out more.