DoIT By The Numbers

2,040,000,000 MB of storage, 790 TB non-research
112,158,748 Emails sent by UMBC mail servers
29,868,367 myUMBC page views
4,993,883 myUMBC logins
389,004 FAQ page views
24,550 Wired data ports
17,200 Wireless clients online at one time
10,985 Phone calls to Tech Support Center (TSC)
4,300 Computers in Active Directory (AD)
4,277 Clickers owned and used by UMBC students
3,871 Blackboard course sections activated by instructors
1,718 AV service transactions (deliveries, loans, etc.)
228 Subscribers to Digital Storytelling email list
175 Production websites on (Approx)
73 FT staff (30+ alumni)
71 PT student employees

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