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UMBC is seen as a national leader in the use of analytics (or “actionable intelligence”). The Division of Information Technology (DoIT) provides the technical infrastructure and expertise for the official UMBC Report Exchange (REX) data warehouse supported and curated by Institutional Research and Decision Support (IRADS). We also partner with Finance, Enrollment Management, the Office of Undergraduate Education, all colleges and several departments to help turn data into insight. Finally, DoIT has organized analytics training workshops for the campus, and co-sponsors (with IRADS) an informal REX Users Group that meets biweekly on Fridays at noon.

Selected Articles, Case Studies, Presentations and Scholarship

3/28/19: “Triangulating Student Engagement with ‘Built and Bought” Learning Analytics” (Emerging Trends in Learning Analytics)

11/26/18: “UMBC partners with Blackboard, VitalSource on research to support student success” (UMBC News)

8/9/18: “Combining Data from Multiple Digital Learning Tools Produces Better Prediction” (Campus Technology)

7/23/18: “Here’s what makes students 200 percent more likely to pass” (eCampus News)

7/12/18: “Combining Activity Data from Multiple Sources to Improve Student Success Presentations” (Blackboard Blog)

2/1/18: “The use of Blackboard Predict in UMBC’s Student Success Support Ecosystem” (Bb Analytics Summit)

9/19/17: “The Secret to Life-long Learning is Taking Responsibility for It,” in ELearn Magazine.

9/7/17: “Using Analytics to Nudge Student Responsibility for Learning” in Learning Analytics in Higher Education.

8/14/17: Oregon State University Research in Action (RIA) Podcast #72: “Dr. John Fritz on Researching Course Design and Analytics”

8/10/17: “3 Ways IT is Impacting Student Success” in Campus Technology

8/10/17: “Students want more real-time information about progress” in Education Dive

7/27/17: “Linking Data to Decision-Making” in Campus Technology

7/27/17: “Organizational strategies for student success: decisions, decisions” (BbWorld17 presentation)

7/17/17: “Moving the Heart and Head: Implications for Learning Analytics Research” in Educause Review Online

2/27/17: “Learning Analytics for LMS Course Design: Two Studies” in Educause Review Online

2/1/17: “Using Technology to Leverage Peer Pressure” @ Blackboard Analytics Symposium

11/14/16“Modeling an IT Strategy for Student Success” in Educause Review Online

July 2016: Dissertation: Using Analytics to Encourage Student Responsibility for Learning and Identify Course Designs That Help

6/11/16: “Maryland universities to use data to predict student success — or failure,” The Baltimore Sun

4/25/16: “LMS Course Design as Learning Analytics Variable,” LAK 2016 Proceedings

4/19/16: “JISC Case Study: Analysing Use of the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) at UMBC”

1/28/16: “Unlocking Predictive Analytics to Improve Student Engagement and Retention,” Campus Technology

11/10/15: “Using FAQs to Help Users Help Themselves,” ACM Proceedings for 2015 SIGUCCS Annual Meeting

8/5/13: “It’s Not Just the IT Help Desk Anymore,” EDUCAUSE Review Online

4/30/13: “Encouraging Student Responsibility and Identifying Effective Course Designs,” ECAR Research Bulletin

9/6/12: “How Analytics Changed A University Accounting Course — And Student Behavior,” Data Informed

9/5/12: “Video Discussion on Student Analytics Between IR, Enrollment Management, and IT

9/5/12: “Using Analytics for Institutional Transformation,” EDUCAUSE Review Online

9/12/11: “Assessment and Analytics for Institutional Transformation,” EDUCAUSE Review Online

March 2011: “Classroom Walls that Talk,” The Internet and Higher Education

12/15/10: “A Video Demo of UMBC’s ‘Check My Activity’ tool for students, EDUCAUSE Quarterly

1/16/09: “A Wired Way to Rate Professors — And Connect Them,” The Chronicle of Higher Education

Note: This site replaces the old UMBC Blackboard Reports that is no longer actively maintained, but is still published for archive purposes only.