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Registration Comparison by Academic Level and College

Resource to to help with monitoring registration activity

April 28, 2020 12:45 PM
new reportRegistration Comparison by Academic Level and College, is now available in REX.  This report will assist with monitoring registration activity in comparison to the same relative date for the past two years.  The chart on the left of the report shows the number of term activated students by academic level.  The chart in the middle shows the number, as well as the percentage, of term activated students who registered.  The chart on the right shows the number and percentage of term activated students who did not yet register.  When selecting by college, the student is being counted under their primary plan only.

This report can be accessed by going to, clicking on 'Guided Reports', then navigating to: Student Records and Enrollment > Student Enrollment.

NOTE: This report replaces the Student Records and Enrollment > Student Enrollment > Internal > Registration Statistics report. 
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