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RT Feature Highlight: Articles

Save time typing common phrases and canned responses in RT

July 14, 2016 11:45 AM

Chances are there are things you have found yourself typing over and over again RT. If you type them enough, you may have even come up with various methods to save time typing them whether it be a text expansion app on your computer or a text file that you copy and paste from.

RT’s Articles feature allows you share the phrases you frequently use in RT with your team saving everyone time, avoiding the possibility of embarrassing or costly typos, and providing consistent responses.

RT's Articles feature is currently being tested by a limited number of groups and available by request only, but we're hopeful that sharing this feature may lead to new and exciting ways to use RT.

The video below shows how the TSC is using RT’s Articles feature in conjunction with our FAQs to provide consistent responses to some of our most common requests.

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