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SDS Revamps Their Test Submission Process With RT

Student Disability Services leveraged RT to create a better

Student Disability Services (SDS) has continued to transition to more digital processes. They recently converted their traditional “pink form” faculty filled out with details on how to administer a student’s test (e.g., whether students could use a calculator, extended time, etc.). In the past, issues arose when instructors left fields blank or multiple emails had to be exchanged to clarify important information, which can now be required through the use of the campus Request Tracker (RT) ticketing system. The new digital process saves both time and paper.


“...it streamlines how we take in tests.”


For students who need testing administered, using a system like RT helps create a dynamic system and improves data tracking for tests. “We’re really excited to have this system because it streamlines how we take in tests,” said Laura Hesselton, Testing Coordinator for SDS.


“Required” fields on the new online form prevent SDS from needing to exchange multiple emails to clarify important information. The new form also allows professors to submit one form for multiple students rather than filling out multiple hand-written forms. Additionally, it offers faculty a secure online test submission alternative. Instead of dropping off materials in person, attachments included with the submission are automatically saved in a secure Box folder that only designated SDS staff can access. Other RT users on campus cannot view the test attachments or tickets.


“They were so patient with making all the changes and making sure it worked,”


Working with DoIT proved to be a positive experience for SDS. When creating the RT form, SDS went through several changes, creating the need for DoIT to help adapt to SDS’s workflow needs. “They were so patient with making all the changes and making sure it worked,” said Hesselton. “It was awesome.”


Pictured on the left is Tawny McManus, Director for SDS. In the middle is Cassie Kilroy Thompson, Advising & Accessibility Specialist for SDS. On the right, Laura Hesselton.










Posted: June 2, 2017, 3:15 PM