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01-05-2019 Downtime for Request Tracker (RT)

For several months DoIT staff have been working diligently on a project to transition RT to a hosted environment (Cloud) in Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The goal is to address volume related performance issues currently being experienced and provide a more robust business continuity option. This transition will include a minor upgrade to the application (4.4.2 to 4.4.3).

Testing (rt-dev.umbc.edu) began on 12/10/2018 and will continue through 1/3/2019.

The downtime will occur on 1/5/2019 from 5:30am - 3pm. Of course if we finish earlier we will update the campus community. Access to RT will remain the same  from my.umbc.edu/Help as it is now once the upgrade has completed.

We are asking all support staff to log into the test system by 1/3/2019 and perform testing on typical tasks to ensure a smooth and successful transition.

Please note that the test system will not actually send emails to ticket participants however it will record them as if they were sent for verification purposes. You can add new tickets via the ‘New Ticket in’ button on the top right of the screen. Note, web forms will not create tickets in the test instance. This feature will be verified via the RT technical team.

The major items to test will be adjustments to existing tickets (e.g. add a correspondence, change a custom field value, resolve a ticket, change ownership, etc.).

Please note that the test system will have the BestPractical default look and feel of blue/white instead of our UMBC colors.

Please submit a ticket for any issues identified in your testing.

For those interested we are on version 4.4.2. You can review the release notes for RT 4.4.3 here.

Thank you

Joe Kirby

Posted: December 19, 2018, 1:08 PM