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5-4-2020 DocuSign Limit Exceeded issue

UMBC offices are leveraging DocuSign at a rapid adoption rate, especially since COVID-19, and today we experienced an issue related to the volume of requests.

For those who experienced the error below please know that DoIT has worked with our vendor, DocuSign, to get a volume increase to handle our new peak load requests and there should be no issues going froward. 

"errorCode": "HOURLY_APIINVOCATION_LIMIT_EXCEEDED", "message": "The maximum number of hourly API invocations has been exceeded. The hourly limit is 1000."

The normal limit of 1,000 has proven sufficient for normal processing. In fact our normal volume peak has been @300/hour. 

However when a department needs to process large volumes at one time, our issue today with 5,000 requests, then coordination with DoIT is needed to avoid this kind of issue. 

These are special times and I encourage departments to continue to leverage DocuSign and if doing any kind of bulk requests please reach out to us and we can assist in getting DocuSign to increase the limits for a specified period of time prior to the event.

FYI- This is the first time this issue has occurred in our 4 years of using this solution.

I appreciate your patience and support in these matters.

If you are experiencing any issues with DocuSign please submit an RT ticket and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Joe Kirby, AVP, Business Systems 
Division of Information technology (DoIT)


Posted: May 5, 2020, 2:10 PM