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Conclusion of Voicemail and call processing outage

Earlier today we completed the repairs to the voicemail and call processing equipment. At this point call processing services have been restored and voicemail is again accessible and accepting new messages.

Despite our best efforts there was some data that could not be recovered. For voicemail boxes this could result in an existing message being lost. For call processing numbers it would result in a loss of the prerecorded message or greeting. Unfortunately due to the age and limited diagnostic abilities of the system we cannot tell which numbers have lost messages.

We would encourage managers of call processing numbers to check their recordings and submit a ticket through DoIT’s Technology Support Center at (410) 455-3838 or https://my.umbc.edu/help. We will be monitoring tickets and working with users promptly to record new greetings.

We appreciate the patience and understanding the campus has shown during this extended outage. DoIT will be evaluating options to modernize this system and to improve the stability of this service. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact either myself or Damian Doyle, our information is listed below.

Ray Soellner

Assoc. Director Telecommunications




Damian Doyle

Senior Director Enterprise Infrastructure





Posted: August 17, 2018, 2:44 PM