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Monthly Blackboard Ultra Experience Orientation

Get an overview to Blackboard's redesigned course interface

Friday, October 5, 2018
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Engineering : 102
UMBC's current flavor of Blackboard has not changed significantly in many years, but that's about to change! 

The Ultra Experience is the first completely cloud-based system from Blackboard, representing a new focus on improved workflows and deep integrations to support teaching and learning with a fresh, new look.

The Ultra Experience orientation will share a walkthrough of the new course interface featuring:
  • A new and improved user experience with intuitive workflows.
  • Simplified navigation that's accessible on any device -- including tablets and smartphones
  • Convenient content creation wherever you want it -- just point and click
  • Streamlined grading and embedded analytics
  • Easily accessible web conferencing on your course landing page
Attendees will receive information about training opportunities and how to access an Ultra Experience sandbox. Discuss the differences between course conversion and course redesign, and learn about other features exclusive to the Ultra Experience.

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