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Design Proactively and Fix Content for Accessibility

Tips and tools for content remediation and SDS support!

Wednesday, October 28, 2020
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
This workshop will highlight how to check and fix content accessibility issues with built-in templates, accessibility checkers, and tools found in Microsoft Office, Adobe Document Cloud, and Blackboard Ally

Improving the accessibility of course content not only helps ensure students with different abilities can access materials -- it also improves the learning experience for everyone, including students who use mobile devices. 

We'll offer tips for designing accessible content proactively and improving lecture capture with captions and transcripts. Learn how Student Disability Services (SDS) supports faculty in working towards online course content accessibility.  

We will review remediation tools in Blackboard AllyAlly scans content in Blackboard and provides feedback and tools to identify and fix accessibility issues. 

Leverage Ally's powerful alternative format options, and let students know they can download content in multiple formats so they can get the information they need in the format they want.  

  • Create accessible content in MS Office applications and Adobe Document Cloud 
  • Utilize built-in accessibility checkers to identify and fix issues
  • Remediate PDF files 
  • Improve lecture capture with captions and transcripts
  • Leverage alternative formats in Ally 

To access the session, please click on this link. This session is limited to 40 seats.

Prior to the session

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The session will be recorded if two or more people attend and the link will be distributed to everyone who registered.

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