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Synchronous Active Learning Strategies

Build community & engagement with synchronous activities

Wednesday, October 21, 2020
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

How can you encourage higher-level thinking in live online class discussions? How might you build and maintain community for online students through active real-time learning experiences?  This webinar will focus on synchronous active learning strategies that leverage live, real-time technology to connect students to the content, one another, and the instructor. 

Employing active learning strategies in the online course can help keep students motivated and interested throughout the semester. In particular, we will highlight how one tool -- Blackboard Collaborate -- can be used to engage students in a real-time, live environment using content sharing applications, polling, white board, student presenters, and breakout groups. 

We will demonstrate several specific breakout group methods that enhance opportunities for collaborative engagement, inquiry, and community building. Come ready to get active in this webinar! 

Session Objectives 

  • Identify Blackboard Collaborate features that support student engagement, group-based inquiry, and community-building

  • Explore 3 break-out group structures in Blackboard Collaborate: think/pair/share; jigsaw; and fishbowl

  • Describe best practices for synchronous student feedback

  • Identify a synchronous engagement goal to implement in your course

The webinar will take place in a Blackboard Collaborate virtual conference room. Use the link below to enter the webinar up to 15 minutes before the start time:

Prior to the session

If this is your first time joining one of our webinars, please review the Getting Started Guide. You will also find additional helpful information for using Blackboard Collaborate at our extensive FAQs.

For the best viewing experience, we recommend using Chrome or a recent browser update. Webinars are bandwidth intensive, so closing any unnecessary browser tabs will help conserve your bandwidth.

After joining the session, please configure your audio.

The session will be recorded if two or more people attend and the link will be distributed to everyone who registered. As always, if you have questions please consider the following options:

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