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Feature a Teacher & Tool Series: WebExing Your Class!

Come learn how to use this platform for instructon

Tuesday, June 8, 2021
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
Are you interested in learning about a better way to teach and engage your students synchronously online?

Professor Jamie Gurganus, the undergraduate program coordinator and a faculty member in the UMBC’s Mechanical Engineering Department, Director for the Center for Integrated Research, Teaching and Learning (CIRTL), as well as Associate Director of Engineering Education Initiatives at COEIT, has been using WebEx as her platform of choice for teaching and student collaboration during the pandemic. She’s devised some really exceptional approaches to leverage this tool for live instruction, labs, and peer learning and will be discussing her experience using  it, along with tips, tricks, and thoughts for faculty considering adopting WebEx for their own instruction moving forward.

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This webinar will take place in a Blackboard Collaborate virtual conference room. Enter the webinar up to 15 minutes before the start time. Use the "Join Online Event" link above to join the session.

Prior to the event
  1. For the best viewing experience, we recommend using Chrome or Firefox, preferably the most recent updates to those browsers. Closing any unnecessary browser tabs will help conserve your bandwidth.  
  2. If this is your first time joining one of our webinars, please review the Bb Getting Started Guide or our Quick Start Guide for All Users. You will also find additional helpful information for using Blackboard Collaborate at our extensive FAQs.
  3. After joining the session, please configure your audio. Having trouble accessing Collaborate? Please see our Troubleshooting Audio Problems or Networking Issues for Collaborate guides.
  4. Participants should be sure to have WebEx installed on their machine to follow along at home.
Please note that this is not formal training.

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