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Akindi Bubble Sheet Training

Learn how to implement the new Scantron alternative



Date & Time

February 10, 2022, 12:00 pm1:00 pm


This training is provided by Akindi, and is not specific to UMBC faculty. Participants must register here.

Are you ready for the move? At the end of the Spring 2021 semester, DoIT announced that test scoring services were moving to Akindi, a Scantron alternative. During this transition, we will be offering faculty many opportunities to learn more about implementing Akindi bubble sheets when delivering face-to-face, multiple choice assessments. 

This training is recommended for all faculty that plan on deploying paper-based assessments in their courses. 


By the end of this session, faculty should be able to:
  • Create an Akindi assessment in their Blackboard course shell
  • Add an answer key to an assessment
  • Generate, download, and print PDF Akindi bubble sheets for distribution. 
  • Upload completed bubble sheets into an Akindi assessment 
  • Mitigate errors and flags from assessments that may need manual review (e.g., bubbling two responses, missing ID).
  • Locate the scores of Akindi assessments in Blackboard
  • Review bubble sheet analytics 
  • Return the scanned, electronic bubble sheet to students

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This webinar is offered by Akindi, not Instructional Technology staff, and will take place in a Zoom virtual conference room. Enter the webinar up to 10 minutes before the start time. Use the "Join Online Event" link above to join the session.