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Learning Analytics By Students For Students

How do we support student agency in data science?



Date & Time

September 30, 2022, 12:00 pm1:00 pm


Though students are well-recognized as one of the most critical beneficiaries of learning analytics, they rarely play a central stakeholder role in LA design and development. In recent years, the LA community has begun to advocate for “student-centered learning analytics.” In this presentation, Karen Chen, assistant professor of Information Systems, and a Spring 21, LA min-grant recipient, will explore an ambitious question: Can we deliberately teach students to be deeply engaged and empowered to become productive creators of learning analytics products and services that respond to the pressing needs of their community? This semester, Chen, who also presented a "lightning round" talk on her minigrant findings with one of her students at the Indiana University LA Summit, is teaching IS 296 "Foundations of Data Science" with about 30 undergraduates, and will share how she's presenting and exploring student agency in learning analytics. 

Also, this workshop is part of the Fall 2022 data science and learning analytics workshops. More info.