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Mapping Student Pathways Through the Curriculum

How using analytics to engage faculty can help



Date & Time

December 2, 2022, 12:00 pm1:00 pm


* Note: Unfortunately, Dr. Oakley's Internet connection dropped out at time code 35:53, just as she was showing IU's curriculum mapping & findings. However, you can see this at time code 41:51 of her 5/13/22 keynote presentation from the IU's 2022 Learning Analytics Summit.

As institutions continue to identify barriers to student success using increasingly sophisticated data analytical tools and techniques, higher education is faced with both new challenges and opportunities. One of those opportunities can be found in how we engage faculty and departments in using learning analytics to take a fresh look, along with a greater understanding, of student pathways toward graduation. In this talk, Dr. Martha Oakley, Assoc. Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education and professor of chemistry at Indiana University Bloomington, will highlight recent developments by IU’s Bloomington Assessment and Research (BAR) team to provide faculty and administrators with process maps that show how students actually navigate through curricula. She will also describe her experience of using this and other data dashboards as a faculty member, as a former Director of Undergraduate Studies, and as an administrator at the campus level.

A recognized expert in the fields of organic chemistry and biochemistry, Oakley has taught and mentored many undergraduate and graduate students. With an infectious enthusiasm for her subject, she breaks down difficult concepts into understandable chunks without sacrificing rigor.

Also, this workshop is part of the Fall 2022 data science and learning analytics workshops. More info.