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Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

Prepare to engage students with virtual web conferencing!


Online : Collaborate

Date & Time

May 13, 2020, 2:00 pm3:00 pm


Skill Builder workshops focus on core components of Blackboard. They are intended for novice users of the learning management system (LMS) who need to learn how to use core components & supporting technologies, or for users who want to refresh skills.


By the end of the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra workshop, faculty should be able to:

  • Identify the various session and user roles 
  • Describe the difference between Participant and Moderator
  • Identify how to use the Sharing Content Tools 
  • Describe the steps to record a session
  • Examine active learning strategies to get participants involved in the sessions
  • Create breakout rooms and polls
  • Identify Collaborate features that support the needs of users with disabilities

This session will take place in a Blackboard Collaborate virtual conference room. Use the link below to enter the virtual session: http://tiny.cc/TechHelp

Prior to the session

If this is your first time joining one of our virtual sessions, please review the Getting Started Guide. You will also find additional helpful information for using Blackboard Collaborate at our extensive FAQs

For the best viewing experience, we recommend using Chrome or a recent browser update. Webinars are bandwidth intensive, so closing any unnecessary browser tabs will help conserve your bandwidth. After joining the session, please configure your audio

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