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Urgent TurningPoint Update for Instructors effective 12/23

ACTION REQUIRED: Transitioning to TurningPoint 8

December 19, 2019 1:31 PM
Turning Technologies is discontinuing their product TurningPoint Cloud for the release of their newest software TurningPoint 8. 

Starting December 23, 2019, UMBC will transition to TurningPoint 8. The software has been updated in the nine main lecture halls on campus. This new product comes with exciting new features to enhance the polling experience, but also requires some preparation to get started. 

To poll in the spring semester, instructors will need to update their desktop application to TurningPoint 8. If you used TurningPoint Cloud in Fall 2019, all grades should be uploaded to Blackboard by Monday, December 23rd. On Tuesday, December 24th, the option to upload grades from TuringPoint Cloud into Blackboard will no longer be available due to incompatibility with Java 11

Once you have updated to TurningPoint 8, you will notice a few of the new features: 
  • Participant lists are referred to as your Courses. 
  • Ability to update grades to Blackboard with a simple click. 
  • Ability to send an email to unregistered students with ease. 
  • After connecting your Blackboard course to your TurningPoint account, participant information will automatically update every midnight. Participant lists no longer need to be manually updated. However, the option to update your course is still available for last minute changes. 
To get started in TurningPoint 8, visit the helpful FAQs below. For technical support in transitioning, please submit an RT ticket

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