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GO Kit Series: Continuity Begins with Clear Communication

Minimize impact of campus closures with a Go Online Kit

March 5, 2020 11:56 AM

This article is a part of Instructional Technology's Planning Your Go Online (GO) Kit series. Explore communication, active learning, and assessment strategies in an online environment to keep your course on track in the event of campus closure. View our in-depth webinar recording from March 11. 

Communicating with students during an academic disruption begins with a clear strategy. Follow these steps to quickly get started during an emergency: 

Whether classes are postponed due to weather, illness, utility and infrastructure, or other emergencies, DoIT offers many resources beyond Blackboard to support academic continuity. Know which instructional technologies you can use in your Go Online (GO) Kit to maintain academic continuity when your class cannot meet in person. Join instructional technology for this interactive webinar. Click this link to register for the session.
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