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Academic Continuity Faculty Ambassadors

With the increased investment in support for Ultra and instructional technology, DoIT believes faculty are important partners. Many of our Ultra ambassadors also serve as Academic Continuity Faculty Ambassadors. 


  • Diane Alonso (Shady Grove / PSYC)
  • Elisabeth Arevalo-Guerrero (MLLI)
  • Katie Birger (HAPP)
  • Steve Bradley (ART)
  • Kate Drabinski (GWST)
  • Kate Hemmis (SOCY)
  • Adam Mendelson (ARTS
  • Eileen O’Brien (PSYC)
  • Tim Phin (HIST)
  • Sally Shivnan (ENGL)
  • Susan Schrier (SCI)
  • Mary Tabaa (EDUC)
  • Gary Williams (EHS)
  • Greg Williams (ISD / PSYC)


  • Mariajose Castellanos (ENGR)
  • Jamie Gurganus (ENGR)
  • Neha Raiker (ENGR)


  • Matthias Gobbert (MATH/STAT)
  • Liz Stanwick (MATH/STAT)

Social Work

  • Katie Morris (Shady Grove / SOWK)

Faculty Development Center (FDC)

  • Jennifer Harrison

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