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Lecturing Online

For anyone considering some form of online lecture or presentation, the problem is trying to replicate the “presence” you take for granted in a face-to-face (F2F) setting. There are many options, but you need to understand their pros & cons to choose wisely.

Guides & Demos

Show Me! On Demand: Budget Friendly Instructional Videos (EDUCAUSE Quarterly”Tech Tools for Faculty Innovation”)

Show & Tell: Online Lecture Options (MS Word | HTML)
Creating a Screenflow Movie (Mac only)

Note: Screenflow is basically the same as Camtasia except that it is mac only and it only outputs Quicktime movie files.

Jing from Techsmith

Note: Jing, is a free screencast capture tool made by, which also makes Camtasia. If you just want to make short (5 minute) “quick & dirty” narrated screen captures and “mini-presentations,” this is a great tool.

Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing

Blackboard collaborate  can be used to do live, inactive  presentations on the web, or you can record a lecture presentation asynhronously for viewing later.  Here is an overview of this product from Blackboard.