Effective Practice: Participation Portfolio

Brief screencast demo.
  1. Instructor defines grading rubric for good post & reply (this is THE hardest task for instructors.
  2. Students propose grade they feel they deserve, based on 3-5 examples of each.
  3. “Evidence” is taken from separate weeks to avoid end-of-term “dog pile.” Just assign and spread out a few portfolios.
  4. Students copy and paste their “evidence” into a portfolio “template” and submit electronically.
  5. Instructor can accept, raise or lower grade based on quality of evidence as defined by the rubric (#1).
  6. Key point: Students (not instructor) hunt and gather their quality participation, which is a big time-save in an active course. They also carry on authentic conversations with each other, not one-way panderings to the prof.
  7. TIP: Enable Discussion Board Notifications by Email
The following materials and links are available in the Hybrid Course Design Workshop Blackboard site. We are providing them externally to perhaps broaden the audience who may be interested in them.