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Free Training for Respondus Lockdown Browser & Monitor

Join an upcoming webinar to see the latest features

Join an upcoming training webinar from Respondus to see the latest features and integrations for LockDown Browser and Monitor. Learn how these applications are used with a range of online testing environments, virtual proctoring and Blackboard. Discover enhancements that make Respondus Monitor even more effective and easy to use.

Instructor Training: LockDown Browser & Respondus Monitor
This comprehensive 45-minute training is intended for instructors who plan to use LockDown Browser and/or Respondus Monitor to protect academic integrity and ensure student identity during online testing. The training will cover:
  • How to use LockDown Browser to prevent digital cheating in proctored testing environments
  • How to use Respondus Monitor in non-proctored environments, to protect exam integrity and confirm student identity
  • The student perspective using each application
  • Efficient review of the assessment data collected, including the Review Priority system, timeline, and milestone features
  • Best practices and tips for success with both applications
Pick your date/time and register directly with Respondus:
All attendees will receive a link to a recording after the session.

NOTE: Students should not register for any instructor training session but instead, contact use the Respondus support tools embedded in RLDB, or review this FAQ for further help.

About Respondus Lockdown Browser

RLDB is a custom browser that locks down the testing environment within Blackboard. Students are unable to copy, print, access other applications, or visit other websites during an online exam. For additional information, please review our FAQ collection.

Posted: July 27, 2022, 8:42 AM