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UMBC Archiving Unviewed Panopto Videos (01/30/23)

No content will be permanently deleted at this time

To comply with recent changes to product licensing, beginning 01/30/23, all Panopto videos that have not been viewed during the preceding 18 months will be moved to archive storage. If one wishes to retain any content on the production server, they need only access the video(s) once prior to 01/30/23. Alternatively, videos can be restored to our production server to view within 48 hours.

Since UMBC's adoption of Panopto in fall 2018, we have witnessed steady growth in its use until the onset of the pandemic, at which point usage patterns shifted significantly as all instruction moved fully online. To address increased storage demand across its client base, Panopto changed its pricing from a model based on consumption to one based on storage. Our new contract provides roughly 10x more archive storage than production storage (50,500 hours vs 6,000 hours). The latter set of hours represent traditional, on-demand media, whereas the former are held in a separate yet expediently retrievable storage.

Posted: January 5, 2023, 10:04 AM