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Panopto Known Issue: 403 Error with Course Copy LTI Videos

Affected instructors should share direct links to videos

There is currently an issue with Panopto that is negatively impacting access to videos stored in older Blackboard courses. The Embed LTI links direct users to the content folder instead of the correct session resulting in a 403 error. This issue occurs even when access to the previously recorded videos has been properly configured. Panopto has escalated the case to correct this problem with their development team ASAP.

As an immediate workaround for those encountering 403 errors, instructors can either share links for Panopto folders or individual videos (opening access to anyone at UMBC), or they can relink the affected videos from the Content Market, which will correct the permissions for accessing the content.

Per Panopto, an update to resolve this issue is expected by February 24, 2023

Posted: February 14, 2023, 2:48 PM