Dr. Mariann Hawken

Mariann Hawken, eLearning Coordinator

A self-proclaimed Jane of All Trades, Mariann Hawken is the Director of Instructional Technology, focusing on expanding professional development and online learning. Mariann is an advocate for online learning through quality course design and effective practice, and a strategic partner for creating and promoting professional development that engages the adult learner. She enjoys faculty training and outreach, course development activities, and academic transformation efforts.

Her team supports the learning management system, integrated digital tools, and licensed instructional technologies used to innovate teaching & learning and facilitate student success. The team also supports hybrid and online course design and professional development, including an award-winning program, Planning Instructional Variety for Online Teaching (OLC Effective Practice 2021; Catalyst Award 2022).

As a member of the Blackboard Community Leadership Circle and Blackboard MVP (2013-2020), Mariann is active in the Blackboard users community and at conferences, sharing information about distance education policy development, faculty development, and online course support, mentoring and training, migrating systems to managed hosting, and other technical experiences. Past activities include developing comprehensive faculty development programs for online/hybrid course development and supporting course redesign projects that reflect Quality Matters and Exemplary Course standards.

With more than 24 years of experience in educational technology, Mariann holds a Doctor of Management; a Master of Distance Education, specializing in teaching and training; a Master of Education in Instructional Technology; and a Master of Arts in English. Currently an instructor in the College Teaching & Learning Science program at UMBC, Mariann has taught traditional, hybrid and online courses in freshman composition, technical writing, intro to mass communication, and media, technology & society. Currently, Mariann teaches in the College Teaching and Learning Science program (CTLS). As one of the campus QM Coordinators, Mariann is a certified Peer Reviewer, Master Reviewer, and Applying the QM Rubric workshop facilitator with Quality Matters.

Select Presentations

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