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Webinar: Encourage Learner Participation in Online Lectures

Strategies to maximize student engagement



Date & Time

December 19, 2023, 1:00 pm2:00 pm


For years, faculty have relied on simple voice over PowerPoint to deliver lecture content. However, this method has repeatedly fallen short on engagement and interaction, especially for today's online learner. How do we get learners to actually watch our lectures? Additionally, what strategies can we use to encourage learners to keep going and focus on key pieces of information? 

Join us for this month's QM Success Stories webinar to discover innovative ways faculty at the University of Akron have elevated their lectures with interactivity, thoughtful questions, and powerful visuals to get learners to actually watch and engage.

The webinar will be live captioned. 

NOTE: You must have a QM account affiliated with UMBC to register.

Can't make it? All QM Success Stories are recorded and available to subscribers after the session in the QM Reference Library approximately two-weeks after the session.