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HelioCampus Implementation Update #2:

It’s Rollout Time!

June 7, 2021 10:04 AM

HelioCampus is a data analytics platform that provides UMBC with the next-generation decision support services.  Helio integrates our enterprise data warehouse with advanced reporting and visualization tools.  

With Helio, we can use information from our systems to answer key questions through analytics, data storytelling, and data science and do it easier and faster.  Helio is a key component of an integrated infrastructure for academic planning, assessment, and analytics.  

We’re delighted to tell you that the project and platform are starting to roll out to the campus. 

We have deployed the platform and provided initial training to a first wave of approximately two dozen people who are active users of our existing data warehouse.  This initial training focused on four key sets of dashboards:  Admissions, Enrollment, Student Retention, and Graduation.  

We will continue to conduct training sessions to additional waves of the community and provide resources for self-guided training in the use of Helio and Tableau, the platform’s visualization tool.  Tableau is easy to use, and you can learn the basics in as little as 45 minutes using our curated self-training curriculum.  

Access to the Helio platform can be found at  Request access to the platform or a Tableau license at  Please note that there is a role-based approval process similar to that granting access to REX.

We’re grateful to our campus partners who participated in the validation and “soft launch” phase of the project.

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