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Return to campus and eduroam

You may need to update your eduroam password on your return

July 9, 2021 2:05 PM
If your myUMBC password has changed over the last year, you may need to update your eduroam configuration when you return to campus. 

Many of us haven't been on campus in well over a year and in that time it is possible that you have changed your myUMBC password. If you have trouble connecting to eduroam, we encourage you to update your eduroam configuration by first forgetting the wireless network, then adding it again. Please see this FAQ for more information on setting up eduroam.

Eduroam is the preferred wireless network on campus and provides greater access to campus services and the Internet. All traffic is encrypted with WPA2 and once configured on your device, all settings will be automatically saved for future use. Eduroam can be used on computers, smartphones and other mobile devices. 

If you have additional questions or challenges using eduroam, please contact the Technology Support Center

Ray Soellner
Assoc. Director - DoIT

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