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Scantron Test Scoring Moves to IMC in ACIV B Wing, Room 219

After Hours "Drop Box" Remains in Engineering, Room 104

August 18, 2013 11:29 PM
Due to staffing reassignments within DoIT, the Scantron test scoring process has been moved to the International Media Center (IMC) located in the B Wing of the ACIV Bldg., Room 219. For questions, please consult the Scantron FAQ collection or contact IMC Coordinator Joan Costello at 410-455-3685 or

Note: The IMC operates with one FT staff member. IMC students may receive exams, but not process or retrieve them. If Joan is not available or the IMC is closed, faculty or teaching assistants may drop off exams in the secure "after hours" drop box that remains in Engineering 104. However, given the distance between the IMC and Engineering 104, this drop box will ONLY be checked after receipt of an RT ticket indicating that exams have been dropped off there. To submit an RT ticket, visit

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