Notice: DoIT Is Changing Mailing List Vendor

Google Groups & myUMBC will be used for communications

DoIT has begun transitioning users off mailing lists to Google Groups and myUMBC. We expect this transition to be completed by the end of June 2017. Sympa, the campus software used for handling email lists, is being discontinued, triggering this migration. Mailing list will not be going away. Instead, the software used to access and administer them is changing. DoIT is working with list owners to talk about migration strategies, and how Google Groups & myUMBC can be used to make sure that the transition is as painless as possible for list owners and administrators.

Google Groups functions like the traditional Sympa mailing list. You can read more about Google Groups here

If you are mainly using your group for announcements and events, we recommend using myUMBC Groups. myUMBC is a robust platform for managing your group for both internal and external communications. 

With myUMBC Groups, you’ll have more control over who joins your group, what their positions are, and the ability to make the group either public or private. Through subscriptions, you can also pull content into your group from other myUMBC groups and from outside of myUMBC. There are additional features in myUMBC, such as events where you can track attendees and participants. If you have an important post, you can pin it to the top of your group for members to see. Groups can have customized avatars and banner images to give a more unique feel. 

For any questions about this transition, please contact Damian Doyle:

Follow the DoIT myUMBC group for more news and updates.

Posted: May 8, 2017, 11:48 AM