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Summer 2017 Classroom Technology Upgrades

11 Rooms in three months!

August 17, 2017 2:43 PM
During the summer of 2017, DoIT AV Services upgraded eleven classrooms and meeting rooms across campus.  Funding for these room renovations was provided by CNMS, The Commons, and DoIT.  The full list of the rooms upgraded is below.

Some of the highlights of these upgrades are as follows:
  • 80" monitors on stands with Mersive Solstice wireless collaboration devices in two Commons meeting rooms
  • Improved audio, projection, and sight-lines in two Public Policy and two Sondheim classrooms
  • Improved audio and projection in three Sherman Hall a one Meyerhoff room 
In addition to these highlights, the CASTLE was completely renovated from a AV technology standpoint.  The "new" CASTLE features eight larger displays, improved room audio, wireless collaboration, and new instructor controls that allow the instructor to display content or multiple sources of content on one or many displays all through the use of a touch-panel screen.

All of this work (design, installation, configuration, and training) was done in-house by AV Services.  Special kudos to Danielle Brown and Jack Malone. 

List of rooms upgraded:
  • Commons 327 and 328
  • Meyerhoff 256
  • Public Policy 206 and 208
  • Sherman Hall 013, 014, 015
  • Sondheim 103 and 105
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